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Q. What is Krav Maga?

Natural, practical and intuitive, Krav Maga is an easy-to-learn and highly effective self-defence, fighting skills and third party protection system for preventing or overcoming violent attacks. Krav Maga was created by the Israeli military’s first Close Combat Instructor, Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or), to meet the most rigorous real-world demands. Adapted for both the civilian and professional sectors, Krav Maga continues to evolve under the personal guidance of Imi’s successor Eyal Yanilov, along with top instructors at KMG – Krav Maga Global.

Q. What is KMG – Krav Maga Global?

KMG – Krav Maga Global is a company founded by Eyal Yanilov who also serves as its President and Head Instructor. Eyal is the only person who holds both the highest Krav Maga rank ever awarded by Grandmaster Imi and the Founder’s Diploma of Excellence. Eyal served as Imi’s closest assistance since the early 1980’s and head of the professional committee since 1987. KMG has branches in over 60 countries around the world headed by local directors. Krav Maga Global’s goal is to spread Krav Maga around the World, fulfilling the Founder’s dream and maintain high quality teaching through its instructors.

Q. What’s the difference between KMG and other Krav Maga organizations?

Up until the mid 1980’s all Krav Maga organizations were rather similar. Later on, Imi and Eyal Yanilov worked together in changing the system. Other instructors who were not close to them or had their own organization were not updated. Since the mid 90’s the knowledge and ways grew apart even more. Those who practice original Krav Maga should be more or less in the same direction; unfortunately this is not always the case. KMG focuses on the real needs that are essential to prevent / de-escalate / survive conflicts.

Q. Is KMG Caribbean the Official representatives for Eyal Yanilov Krav Maga Global Israel?

Yes we are the only KMG official representatives for the entire Caribbean Region

Q. I was certified as a Krav Maga instructor with another organization, will I have to take a GIC again in order to be a KMG – Krav Maga Global instructor?

Unfortunately, there are some organizations who certify instructors after only 3-4 days and have neither real Krav Maga knowledge nor background. KMG’s GIC is a 180 hour course, so the answer to this question will mainly depend on the organization which certified you, as well as on when you were certified. In some cases one will have to take a full instructors course, and in other cases a transition course, which length will be determined by the circumstances and after evaluation by a GIT member or a regional representative.

Q. Who is permitted to use KMG – Krav Maga Global logos, name, pictures etc.?

The Krav Maga Global name and logo are a registered trademarks, and using them without written permission from KMG HQ is strictly forbidden only bonafide approved schools and individuals are allowed to use them.

Q. How can I join KMG Caribbean?

Anyone within the Caribbean region can become a member of KMG Caribbean just complete our membership form and upon approval you will purchase an international Krav Maga passport and pay your membership dues.

Q. Do you conduct Workshops, Seminars, Certifications in Caribbean Countries?

Yes we do, you can contact us to set up an event in your Country and you can take a look at our events page for listed activities.

Q. Who can attend KMG Caribbean Seminars and Workshops?

KMG seminars and Workshops are open to all, unless otherwise stated.

Q. Do you train and certify Krav Maga Instructors?

Through us we provide the opportunity for you to be certified as an Official KMG Instructor by completing the General Instructor Course.

Q. Where are you located in the Caribbean?

Please take a look at our find a school tab to locate a school near you or contact us to find out how you can be responsible for establishing an official school or training centre near you.

Q. Can other KMG instructors be part of the KMG Caribbean team?

Yes, certified KMG instructors residing in the Caribbean Region G3 and above with high skill levels and knowledge can apply to be part of the Caribbean team and upon successful completion of the induction training may be added to the Caribbean team.