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KMG has unique and highest level of experience and knowledge in educating and training, fighters, operators, officers and especially instructors for the Governmental sectors, particularly the military. Technical, tactical, mental and physical preparation in the subjects of hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed fighting skills and tactics, 3rd party and VIP protection and self-defense, subject control and defensive tactics, as well as how to teach those subjects to the relevant units.

We also prepare our graduates of the General Instructors Courses (GICs) how to train their training club members who are serving in Military Forces and need specific curriculum from the whole KMG material that is suitable and relevant to their needs.

With this we have the abilities to bring, to the highest level possible and in the shortest time, any group of in-house (‘governmental units’) instructors aim to teach and train commando and infantry, undercover agents, military police, SF officers and members of supporting units.

The recommended line of military Krav Maga education for governmental units is our tailor made courses, divided into 3 fighter levels and 3 warrior levels, in which we prepare the soldiers and officers in the above mentioned subjects and skills. Whether preparing the existing instructors or hand-picking and screening from the unit’s personnel we give designated instructors’ courses of one to three levels to create a cadre of in-house instructors; at the second stage, monitoring them for the needed period of time till they are capable to deliver the knowledge to their mother units.

Soldiers and officers should be courageous, determined, with high levels of controlled aggression and perseverance but also considerate and level headed, capable of fulfilling demanding and dangerous tasks, as well as maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina. The instructors we prepare are outstanding


Educating military personnel to be complete combatants is a primary goal and an immediate concern. Units are often very well equipped, however the members of those units should also be well trained, capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events, fulfilling combat missions as well as functioning correctly in peace keeping and peace enforcing assignments while interacting with civilians. The instructor we educate will fulfill the task of correctly training and educating such personnel.